The power of briefing… Mission and Vision…

Hello readers,

Let me tell you something frankly before you proceed further into this article. This post is only for those people who are following their heart to make their living. I am telling this here itself because you find this stupid to implement if you are not doing what you love to do. In fact, this technique will not get your hikes in the paycheques or promotion from your employer if the profession you are in is not the one you are destined to.

And for those people who are truly following their heart to make a living and inspiring others, this technique works wonders. It works completely opposite to that of the people that I have mentioned in the previous paragraph. It increases your performance. It keeps a check on the distractions while executing the skill. In fact, it gets everything I said no in the previous paragraph. So what is it?

Don’t expect a complex practical technique looking at the seducing explanation above. You all might be familiar with the Mission and Vision statements. Every company with a long term survival plan in the business arena will have these two. I guess I was in the final year of my graduation when I was first introduced to these two words by my managerial economics teacher. While explaining this, she pointed towards the cardboard, hanging on the walls of my class on which the mission and vision statements of the college are printed. It was there from the very first year I joined the college, but I never gave a thought about it until my lecturer pointed her finger towards it. Then a series of why questions came into my mind. I asked myself, ” Why do they need these mission and vision ?? Don’t they know what to do if it is not documented in simple paragraphs like these??” These two questions got cleansed away so quickly because of the distractions in the normal student life even before getting the answers. I never gave a thought about these until I bought a career planner diary, in which, the first two columns to fill were the Mission and the Vision statements of my life. In addition to my laziness, not knowing what to write in the white space provided below these two sub-headings forced me not to put the pen on the diary. When I started practising spirituality, I often heard the word, mission, from the life coaches and spiritual teachers. It triggered my curiosity towards those two magical words again and after a thorough information gathering about them for around 3 months, I prepared the mission and vision statements of my life. To my surprise, I couldn’t find the necessity to modify them until today.

Wikipedia definition for these two words are straight forward and you can easily understand that.


A mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company, organization or person; its reason for existing; a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time.


A vision statement: defines the optimal desired future state – the mental picture – of what an organization wants to achieve over time; Provides guidance and inspiration as to what an organization is focused on achieving in five, ten, or more years

Had preparing those statements changed anything in my life??

I can shout to say YES to the above question. I transformed from a crazy pointless college guy to the one who empathizes every situation. My belief towards God changed from atheism to agnosticism. I accustomed with the habit of planning for the long run ignoring the intermediate setbacks and learning lessons from them. My definition for the word Service ( which used to be donating money to the needy) has now changed to inspire with personality, educate with the knowledge and help with the possessions. , There is no word like money in it now.

I wish I could display them here in the blog. As they contain a lot of personal and emotional stuff, I just cannot post them here.

I repeat, you won’t find the value in it if you are not serious about your life.

Now let’s make it a bit commercial by applying the same concepts to the profession you are in (I assume that you are in a profession that has a connection with your heart). Change the subheading from Mission of my life to the Mission of my profession and frame the sentence. Do the same with the vision statement. I personally don’t have any vision statement to my trading business as I don’t know where exactly I end up in it after a few years. I am still trying to find that one.

Now, you know what to do with life in brief. You know what to do in the business in brief. Now, descend a step-down. Try to explain everything you do in your profession in a single paragraph. Try to decrease the conjunctions in it and restrict yourself to not more than three sentences. For traders, try to define your whole strategy in a three-sentence paragraph. Mine goes as follows:

” I am a contrarian by a strategy where I fade the weakness and trapped traders against the future bias in the setup regions. I do that without losing the situational awareness on the market and the net order flow. I review and replay the market sessions in hindsight to build my structural journal. “

The above paragraph covered everything I documented in my 95-page trading business plan. I am planning to stick all these statements to my trading desk once I get settled in a place. Every time I read it, it reminds me of what exactly I need to do. It also functions as a road map to eliminating the chaotic decision making in my trading at a glance.

I personally used to find it difficult to brief things. It was once easier for me to elaborate than making it simpler because of the stupid games my mind tried to play when I think. Now, I am very much addicted to this procedure. I am now briefing almost everything in my life.including the grocery list my mother gives me to bring the household stuff so that I can recall the items in the list without looking at it. 😀 It just takes a minute or two, but it’s fun. 😉

I have started my learning about this mission and vision statement here. Try to document your own statements and enjoy the process of transforming. Like all other essential things in life, it is simple, but not easy.

Robin Sharma states, “Investing the time in yourself is the best investment you ever make in your life. “

Happy thinking..