Principles of Trading

The series…

Before reading these articles, make sure you have completed and practised everything in the Trading basics and the beginner’s section. This section gives exact information about how I trade markets.

Levels of Supply/Demand Imbalance.
Impulsive Vs Corrective.
The Short term Bias.
Candlestick Analysis.
The signal and the trigger candle.
Post Entry.. Part 1.
Post Entry…Part 2.
Post Entry…Part 3.
Trading Trends. Summary.
Acceptance, Non-Acceptance and Rejection.
Construction of Structural Framework.
Trading Ranges. Summary.
Swings. Levels. And the characteristics of the swings.
Candle Addition.
Post-Session Review.
Stats to keep an eye on.
Trading Business Documentation.
HTF Context And The Bias.


How I do monthly stat review.
Trend structure.. Part 1.
Trend structure.. Part 2.