Visualization… Lets train your Self Image to boost the confidence level in the inside world…

Hello readers,

I have introduced a word Visualization in one of my previous articles, Optimism. I have also talked about the Conscious and Sub-Conscious mind here.

Before getting into the discussion, let me ask you a question. Why people who are sexually abused in their childhood afraid to face the world even after they are grown up? Every one of us cares for them. We feel sorry for them. They know that all the people around them are not so cruel. But still, they are uncomfortable in facing the world. WHY?

Eckhart Tolle, in one of his life-changing books, “The Power of Now“, calls the conditioned mind( or conscious mind) as ego. We condition our conscious mind with our experiences. We create filters inside our mind to understand the events happening in front of us. Our actions don’t depend on the actual reality of the world, but they depend on our perception of reality. In turn, the perception is affected by the emotional state you are in.

What does that mean to you? I don’t know whether the above sentences in bold makes sense to you or not, but when I first read that in the book, Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robbins, my mind stopped functioning for a second and I was awestruck. I have seen quotes like these before on my Facebook timeline shared by my FB friends, but the situation I was in while reading this book pierced the exact meaning of those words deep into my soul. That two-sentence carries a lot of sense if you can clearly understand them. If our actions don’t depend on the reality, if our ability to deal with the reality solely depends on the perception of the world, if our performance will be completely affected by the emotional state, we need not worry about the unexpected things, we call them as problems, as we don’t care what exactly gonna happened. A little change of perception can make wonders. Worrying about the things already happened will make no good.

Important things never come that easy. We are raised by our parents in society. Everything you know and everything you believe is not the realities. Society posed them into our mind from childhood and we need to change them to take control of our future. Blaming society or our parents to raise us like this is not fair. They have done their job perfectly, ie. raising us as per their knowledge. It is your responsibility to learn and pass the wisdom to the next generation. JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter book series, in her speech at Harvard University, says,

“There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, the responsibility lies with you. “

Yes, there is an expiry date and its never too late to realize that. Start taking responsibility now. Now doesn’t mean the next day or the next hour or the next minute. Now stands for the moment you are breathing. Now is the moment you are witnessing with your senses.

The moment you postpone things, it is your ego’s way of announcing that you are not committed. Without commitment, you cannot even close your eyes to sleep.

Don’t think that everything I have said till now in this article is the introduction to the Visualization technique. It is not. This is a road map to build our self-image.

Ooops.. I decided not to use the word Self image until the next two paragraphs. 😀 As I slipped it from my mouth, lets define it right here.

Self Image

Each and every being has a perception of his/her own self inside our brain. It might not be detailed and structural, but there is some sort of our own image inside. Whatever you do in this world, it will be consistent with your self-image. If your self-image is ugly, you behave as if people around you always hate you. If your self-image is muscular, you behave as if you are the hero. If it is a shy type personality ( like the one I had in the past 😀 ), you will not be confident enough to talk in public and socializing is the next to impossible task for you. If your self-image is happy inside, you will be happy outside. If your self-image is successful inside, you will be successful outside. Your self-image completely determines the way you behave in the world outside. Take control of the inside world, everything outside falls in line. That is what we all try to do with meditation.

So the answer to the question I have asked at the start of this topic, about the sexually abused people, it is not the world outside them that resulted in their behaviour. The accident that they had in the past has damaged their self-image completely. Yes, they are afraid of the outside world. But, a never-ending war is going on inside them between their self-image and their inner world. A series of counselling sessions by a right counsellor might help them. So, next time you see people like that, extract some of your valuable time and try to fill confidence in them. Words have the power to save and shape one’s life and after all, we all want the world to look beautiful.

Psycho-Cybernetics is the book that introduced me to the concept of self-image and visualization. I consider myself lucky for picking up that book from hundreds of self-help books in the bookstore.

Trying to control the things outside is impossible as we don’t know what exactly gonna happen next. Preparing the self-image to take care of the things smoothly is the only thing we can do. Yes, it can be done with a simple technique, Visualization.

How can we do that? How can we cure the damage the world has caused to our self-image from the moment you opened your eyes to see the world around you? How can we shape our self-image to its highest beauty?

You don’t need an answer to that. Ask yourself, how do you ask your mother to fetch a glass of water? how do you increase the speed of your bike/car? Just by feeding proper instructions. You can do the same to ask your self-image to excel. Just pass the right instructions.

Now the real question comes. You have your mouth to send instructions and your mother has her ears to receive the instructions. You have your hand to raise the accelerator and your bike has its engine to receive the instruction you have sent. But how can you pass your instructions to your self-image which doesn’t have tangible senses?

Absence of senses to our self-image is our advantage. It cannot differentiate between imagination and reality. So, we can shape our self-image with imaginative mental movies. It can only see the mental movies that you play inside your mind. But the sad part is, our self-image is connected to our conscious/ conditioned mind which always tries to prove itself as the hero in the whole body. The conscious mind tries to take control of everything, not only the inside world but also your outside life. Have you heard a background noise inside your mind when you were trying to do something risky like jumping into the water to swim for the first time and you haven’t dared to take that risk? It is your conscious mind commanding inside in its own way and it succeeded in restricting you not doing the task. Never trust the conscious mind. Tom and Jerry’s show has the comic representation of the conscious and subconscious. A red one and a green one trying to control the behaviours of Tom and Jerry. :D. When you are trying to cure the damage of your self-image with the imaginative mental movies, your conscious mind will try to interfere in between convincing your self-image that the movies are imaginative, not reality. When the self-image doesn’t have faith in you, it will stop taking your instructions and our goal to cure the damage will not be fulfilled. If you fight against your conscious mind and turns it as your slave, you can build your self-image with ease. When the self-image is good, you are very nearer to success.

So, what is Visualization?

It is the process of playing imaginative mental movies inside your mind to shape your self-image. The process will be effective if the mental movies are process-oriented rather than result-oriented.

Let’s try one example here. Suppose, you want to be a billionaire in future and you want to tune your self-image for that. Close your eyes and think that you are a billionaire. Imagine that you are owning a big villa, costly car. Feel the pleasure that you get if you really are a billionaire. Witness the way you carry your posture, the way you talk to your partners and associates and the way you handle the setbacks in your businesses. Simply, think that you have got what you want and feel the pleasure and your behaviour after reaching your goal. This is what we call Visualization.

Simple and easy, isn’t it? Yes, it is simple and No, it isn’t easy. When you are cornered and helpless, you cannot even think that you are successful. You cannot frame your mental movies as your conscious mind shouts behind that it is a lie. When you try to imagine that you are a billionaire, your conscious mind giggles and says, “Look at your situation and what you are trying to imagine“. You have to tie your conscious mind’s mouth to frame the mental movies and which in turn helps in building your self-image. This article is not an answer or a cure for your self-image damage. It is just an introduction to visualization and please don’t stop your research on visualization. If you want a full-length description of this technique, Pscho – Cybernetics is the answer for you.

I practice it daily. I imagine that I am a successful trader who trades a multi-million account. In my imagination, I execute trades without thinking about the results and I execute them without emotional decision making. I stick to my trade plan to the dot and I totally concentrate on my process goals rather than results in my mental movies.

Have I become a trader of multi-million account after practising it? No. Millions are far away from my trading capital. But practising visualization made my life easy. Now, I am able to execute my trades effectively than previous. Getting losses in trading is quite natural and unavoidable and they are not shaking me psychologically. Simply, visualization shaped my trading psychology and that made my trading effective. Yes, I witnessed the results.

Well and good. But how to shut the mouth of our conditioned mind to gain the faith of our self-image? You can do that in two ways. When your conscious mind involves during visualization, don’t get distracted. Keep your eyes closed and continue playing the mental movies. After a rigorous practice, your conscious mind gives up and surrenders you. It takes time to peacefully implement this, but it’s worth it.

And the second way is to practice Mindfulness, which is my favourite. I am going to introduce you to that in the future article. Watch the ted video on mindfulness to get an idea about it.

Hope you enjoyed it..

Happy visualization.

User says:
I have a question here. How do you distinguish between mental movies to improve self-image vs. daydreaming? I’m given to understand that daydreaming is mind’s play to run away from realities and to enjoy its own self-created utopian world.

Perfect!! You have answered yourself. Consciousness is the one that differentiates visualization and daydreaming. In visualization, you are projecting the thoughts and the mental movies and you know what you are doing. In daydreaming, your mind is doing that on its own and you have no idea where that thoughts have come from.