What’s in your hand??…. The purpose of your life..

Hello readers,

This article is about an incident of my life which had a great influence in shaping my mindset and belief system I have now. I hope it will be helpful to you.

It was 2012 august, the part of my life which has taught me everything to survive on this earth. Friends, late-night parties, vacation plans are the only things that I know until then. Suddenly, something bad, something very bad happened and my family is at absolute bottom financially. I am from a regular Indian orthodox family who completely believes in God and destiny. I am an atheist and I believe that God is just an excuse and people need him very badly to put the responsibility of everything happening around on God so that they can rub their hands without taking any responsibility about the things happening to them. My mother is a firm believer of God and she always pushes me to worship God. At that time, when we were at utter down, I was not getting my offer letter from the company which has selected me, my ex-girl friend dumped me, my father’s income was not compensating the expenses and bills every month, everything went bad. The pressure has built up and suddenly, my mom started to blame me for everything. She started to say that all these things are happening because of my ignorance of God and he is trying to teach me a lesson. She almost convinced me that it’s true that God exists. In fact, my mom’s words triggered some curiosity in me about God.

The first weapon that comes into engineering students mind when in ambiguity is Google search engine. :D.. I opened Google and started searching information about God. Lot of people defined in different ways. I didn’t understand a bit about God even after reading all these. Then I moved onto the next weapon of engineering students, the YouTube. There I found a scene from a movie , titled, “The Ten Commandments”.

In that Jesus while talking to a Shepard asks, “What is that you are holding in your hand?”

The Shepard replies, ” It is a Shepard staff“.

Then Jesus asks him to throw it away and the Shepard obeys Jesus’s orders and he throws that staff away. It turns into a snake. Then Jesus asks the Shepard to hold it again and he again obeys Jesus orders and the snake turns into the Shepard staff again. I had seen a lot of video clips like this.

I laughed out of my senses watching this video saying God is a magician and people are believing him so that they can expect miracles in their lives too. I lost my curiosity in learning about God looking at all these stereotypes. In Feb 2013, I got my offer letter, which I have been waiting for the last one year. Joined the job and everything came under control as my Dad worked harder to solve those financial problems. My luxurious life had started again and I completely lost myself in that cosy thing around. One day, accidentally, I have seen a TED video, which I will embed at the end of this article. In that, Rick Warren, the speaker explains the video that I have seen around a year ago from the movie “The Ten Commandments”. I insist you watch that video once you are done with this article.

Just think, what does a Shepard do with the Shepard staff? To a shepard, what does a shepard staff means??

In that TED video, Rick Warren mentions, ” The Shepard staff is the Identity, Income and Influence of the Shepard.” Looking at the staff, anyone can say that the person holding it is a Shepard at a glance. It is his identity. He satisfies his hunger by generating income using that staff. It’s his bread and butter and it is his income. Using this staff, he directs and controls his subordinates ( his sheep). It is his influence.

Once he throws that staff away, it turns into a snake, which is a poisonous creature and no one else will dare to touch it unless they knew it was a source of identity, income and influence ( triple I’s) before. When the Shepard touched it, it again turned into something very useful.

This is what we call purpose. Each and every one of us is blessed with some unique quality. You are the only one who can realize that it is your triple I. For others, who doesn’t know the importance of your triple I, it may appear as risky and dangerous. But you are the one who can do miracles with it. These three I’s are must in everything you do. Just because you got an identity and income doesn’t mean that it is your purpose on this earth. When you cannot influence others with your identity and income, it is useless and you will never be satisfied with your profession. Don’t be afraid of taking risks in your life. Trial and error is the only way to find your purpose. There is no duplication here.

My life was completely different before I realized the importance of each and every word Rick Warren said. I didn’t have the habit of reading books till then. Chetan Bhagat was the only writer I knew as he is good at writing romance. 😀

This particular TED video taught me the real meaning of Self Help. Crossword book store had become my regular visit when I was in Pune city. Started reading a lot of books. If you are curious to know what are the books I have read till now, look at the following image. In addition to them, I have a huge collection of books in my kindle. I can say now, books have the capacity to shape your life. Make a habit of reading regularly and witness the miracles.

Let me give the conclusion of this article.

Don’t sleep until you find your God-given gifts. Make that as your identity. Generate income out of it. Share your knowledge and be helpful to others. Influence the people around you. God smiles when you run behind the things for which he has created you.

This brings me back to my question again?


Time to think.

I forgot to place the link of the TED video here. Sorry about that. Here is the link,