Select either our 2-Step Challenge, or our instant account depending on your trading preferences. You can choose a $400,000 account all the way up to a $80,00,000 account.


Take your trading challenge and prove you have what it takes to be a Discretionary Trader. 

Hold trades over the weekend, news trading & EA’s allowed, and just make 8% in phase 1 and 5% in phase 2.

Get Funded

After successfully completing your challenge, you’ll submit your identity verification (KYC) documents. Once submitted and your documents are approved, your funded account will be activated and you’re ready for live trading.  In instant account you can trade from day one.


Make 8% in phase 1 and 5% in phase 2. Get upto $8 Million in funding and 85% of profit share. 

No hidden rules

Hold trades over the weekend, news trading & EA’s allowed, no stop loss required. 

Bi-Weekly payouts

Your first payout 14 days after your funded account. Payouts can be processed via crypto and bank transfer.


We are the disretionary trading wing of hedge fund named Secvolt, Inc. Secvolt completed it’s AUM goals in  2023. It’s backed by institutions. 

Scale upto $8 Milllion

Because we are committed to creating long-term relationships with our most talented traders, we will deploy capital into your account – all the way up to a maximum of $8 million.


Start with upto $8 million capital


Get upto 85% profit share


Receive payout in 14 day cycles

Trade the way you want

We have very low restrictions and no hidden consistency rules so you can focus on your strategy to succeed.

Join the Family

Experience a trading journey like never before. Join us at Discretionary trading and become a part of a community that values innovation, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in trading.

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Discretionary trading

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