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-Privacy Policy

1. Information Collection and Use: We gather personal information provided voluntarily when individuals register on our platform, express interest in our products/services, engage in platform activities, or reach out to us. This includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and billing details. Sensitive information is not collected unless essential for operations. For secure payment processing, we manage transaction data securely through our payment processors. Automatically collected information during platform use includes IP addresses, device specifications, browser types, and settings.

2. Use of Cookies and Tracking Technologies: We utilize cookies, web beacons, and pixels for various purposes, detailed in our Cookie Notice. Tracking methods such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics provide insights into user interactions.

3. Retention and Security: We retain personal information as required or legally permitted. Upon the cessation of business activities, we delete or anonymize information. We implement technical and organizational measures to secure information, although unauthorized access cannot be fully guaranteed.

4. Information from Minors: We do not intentionally collect information from individuals under 18. Minors under 18 with registered accounts can request data removal.

5. Privacy Rights: Individuals have rights, including access, correction, deletion, limiting processing, data portability, and objection. Withdrawal of consent is permitted. Verification may be required.

6. California Residents: California residents possess specific rights under CCPA. We do not sell personal information. Opt-out rights and non-discrimination rights apply.

7. Updates to Privacy Notice: This notice may be periodically revised. The most recent version is indicated by the “Revised” date. Users are encouraged to review it regularly.

8. Contact Information: For inquiries or concerns, contact us at support@discretionary-trading.com.

KYC Information Collection: We collect ID card pictures and selfies with ID cards through Sumsub for identity verification purposes. This information is securely stored and processed by Sumsub, following their privacy policy.

Opting Out: KYC is mandatory for funded accounts. If opting not to proceed with KYC, a full refund is provided, and personal information is not collected.

Third-Party Disclosure: We do not share, sell, or disclose personal information, except to our partner, Sumsub, solely for identity verification.

Contact Information: For inquiries, contact support@discretionary-trading.com.

Information Collection and Use

We collect the following personal information for the sole purpose of verifying the identity of our traders:

ID card picture
Selfie with ID card
This information is submitted through our third-party partner, Sumsub. We do not store this information on our platform. Instead, it is exclusively stored and processed by Sumsub in accordance with their own privacy policy.

Purpose of Information Usage

The personal information collected through Sumsub is used solely for the purpose of verifying the identity of our traders. This helps us maintain a secure and compliant trading environment on our platform.

Information Storage and Protection

We do not store any of the personal information collected during the identity verification process. Instead, all data is securely stored by Sumsub. They implement industry-standard security measures to protect the data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Use of Cookies, Log Files, and Tracking

We do not use cookies, log files, or tracking technologies on our platform. Rest assured that your visit to our website remains private and untracked.

Opting Out of Data Collection/Usage

As a user, you may only be required to undergo the KYC (Know Your Customer) process if you intend to get funded. If you choose not to proceed with the KYC process, we will fully refund you, and your personal information will not be collected or used for verification.

Third-Party Disclosure

We do not share, sell, or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third parties, except for our trusted partner, Sumsub, for the sole purpose of identity verification.


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None of the information provided by Discretionary Trading, including the content herein, is intended as investment advice. It does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities, nor does it represent a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship of any security, company, or fund. Discretionary Trading does not operate as a broker or custodian. Individuals who enroll in our programs do so voluntarily.

This content is not a solicitation or an offer to trade futures, options, or forex. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

All information published and disseminated by Discretionary Trading and its affiliates (collectively, the Company) is intended solely for general informational purposes. It is not to be interpreted as specific investment advice.

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